Rewind Anti-Ageing Day Cream


Rewind Anti-Ageing Day Cream has a combination of ingredients that reduces dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines, its anti-inflammatory agent light...

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- Controls the water balance in the skin.

- Prevents the penetration of harmful substances into the skin.

- Tightens the skin and reduces the signs of ageing.



Oat lipid oilOat Lipid is a rich, natural oat oil with a unique lipid profile. It gets readily absorbed into the skin leaving a non-greasy feel, minimizing lipid loss. It has excellent absorbency and protective properties, enhancing skin feel, moisturising and soothing the skin. It has a high linoleic acid content recognised as establishing and maintaining the epidermal water barrier thereby improving skin barrier function. It has an excellent skin absorbency resulting in a non-greasy skin feel.

It supports the barrier function helping to keep skin in a healthy condition, slow down skin aging, maintains the stratum corneum and act as a penetration enhancer.

Betaine - Betaine helps the skin retain its moisture due to its molecular structure and ability to bond with hydrogen. The ingredient has been found to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the skin.  One of the benefits of this powerful ingredient in anti-aging products is its ability to smooth and soften the skin, reducing sensitivity to external irritants.

Shea butter - Shea butter is a soft plant fat that is obtained from the seeds of an African tree. It is extremely nourishing, prevents dehydration of the skin and helps inflammations to heal more quickly. Shea butter also has a certain light-protection effect and has a positive influence on the capillary circulation of the skin. It protects and softens without leaving a greasy sheen on the skin.

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