Lip Liquid: Liquid magic in a bottle!

Lip Liquid: Liquid magic in a bottle!

From the  girl-on-the go strutting across the streets to the jet-setter to the cute girl next door, there’s something all of them have in common. And that is a personality to love and a vibe to flaunt.

There’s something that makes their on-point dressing and perfect Instagram pictures look more appealing. Is it their bright smile ? Or is it the gorgeous pink, red, nude or even orange shades that make them look more fabulous? Well, if credit was to be given where it’s due then it has to go to the liquid lipsticks in their drawers.

Lip liquids..umm what? It’s time to take you from ‘what?’ to ‘wow.’

Just like its name, it’s liquid magic in a bottle! A few gentle swipes and your lips are ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

All you have to do is pick out your favourite shade, swipe it on your lips and be ready to take a million selfies.

Speaking of selfies, liquid lipsticks are a hit with the millennials. Here’s why,

Colour-rich shades for your lips

The best part about liquid lipsticks is probably the fact that they are highly pigmented. It comes as no surprise that these intense colours keep your lips looking great for a lonnnnng time.

Say no to deserts, not desserts!

Gone are the days when long hours of wearing liquid lipstick dried up your lips faster than arid land. When you use a hydrating liquid lipstick, the primer, balm and moisturizer can be put away for quite some time.

Get that professional finish

Whether you’re enjoying a cup of hot coffee or enjoying a business lunch,  don’t worry about your glossy lips leaving an impression on the cup!

Besides being transfer-proof,  liquid lipsticks leave a matte finish effect on your lips which goes really well with business, casual and chic party outfits.

Looking for liquid lipsticks that compliment your skin tone? The Mattifying Lip Liquid from Auric Beauty is a must-have! While at it, take your lip game up a notch. Outline and contour your lips with the Auric HiDefine Lip Liner.

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