Easy Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Long

Easy Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Long

Being a busy girl in a busy busy world is certainly not easy. From killing it at the office to showing up at every concert, every brunch and every event, you’re juggling it like a pro. But while you do so, don’t forget to look as gorgeous as ever with the best makeup products of all time!

However, after a few hours into the day, you see that your makeup has smudged. You know in your head that this was going to happen but reality is just not what you want to accept.Don’t worry, we are here with some tips that will help your makeup last long and have a smudge-free day.

Spray it to set it!

What does a makeup setting spray do?Well, it sets your makeup and ensures that you look amazing in pictures! It’s hydrating too to give you an extra dewy finish.

When it comes to getting your hands on the best makeup setting spray, keep a few things in mind before purchasing one. Depending on the amount of time you need your makeup stay put, decide on applying a spray or not. And even if you do so, use only a few spritzes.

Powder it right!

Another way to ensure that your makeup stays put throughout the day is by using a compact/pressed powder. Apply a generous amount of the best setting powder under your eyes, on your nose, chin and forehead before heading out. And don’t forget to do a quick touch up every now and then to get your makeup to stay in place.

Make moisturizer your new best friend!

Before you put on a layer of Auric CoverMatte Foundation, don’t forget to moisturize. It’s nourishing, caring and most importantly, it makes your makeup look flawless!

Don’t forget to prime!

If you're wondering how women look prim and proper in photos even after 5 hours into the party, primer is the answer! While the Auric BlendEasy Compact will keep your makeup intact, a primer will give your face an elegant sheen.

Set the right foundation

A foundation serves as a deal-breaker for your makeup look. After all, it’s the base that transforms your skin! And before you pick one, be well acquainted with your skin type. If you’re one with dry or normal skin, we recommend CoverMatte Foundation by Auric that gives one a long-lasting and dewy finish.

Choose waterproof only

Humidity, rain and even your tears can ruin a makeup look that you probably took hours to put together. So the next time you’re choosing a mascara, pick one that is smudge proof and most importantly, waterproof!

A tip for your lips!

If you find the corner of your lips always devoid of lipstick, all you need to do is line your lips with a Lip liner by Auric. An added bonus is that you will never colour outside of your lips when they’re outlined so beautifully.

CAUTION: Don’t touch

As much as you love clicking selfies, you shouldn’t touch your face so often. It’s best not to mess with your makeup especially when you’ve applied a compact powder and setting spray!

That’s all! We hope these tips help you. Come to our social media page and let us know your thoughts. We are always open to hearing from you!

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