Bid adieu to acne with Aureana Purité Acne Dissolver Gel!

Picture this, you have your cousin’s wedding tomorrow, the one you’ve been planning for months; or an important business meeting that’s going to be a stepping stone for your future; or say a date with the one you've had a crush on since forever. Now picture this, you suddenly dread all these events because one day prior to the most exciting moment you’ve been looking forward to, you get an unwelcome visit from every girl’s archnemesis - acne. Stubborn to get rid of naturally and painful to burst when we do so manually.


Acne is caused by a number of different conditions. It can range from the occasional breakout to full-blown cystic acne. As nightmarish as it sounds, you might just wake up with a pimple on your face even after a good night’s sleep or to make things worse, not one but two of them. No matter what its degree, it causes physical and emotional pain. Keeping all this in mind, Aureana has developed a unique blend of science that goes deeper into the skin’s layers to combat this problem and leave you with a glowing face. Behold, the Purité Acne Dissolver Gel. Well-researched and thoughtfully formulated, it’s one of our best products for acne and acne scars.


Aureana is about science that delivers on a promise of everyday care for your skin. It embodies world-class formulations with subtle fragrances and a soft after-feel, leaving your skin feeling radiant and healthier than before. And it is under the mother brand of Aureana, that we present to you the Purité Acne Dissolver Gel. We understand the need and urgency of getting rid of acne with long term effects and hence have come up with a solution in the form of gel for acne. Purité Acne Dissolver Gel has a technologically advanced ingredient specially designed to fight signs and extreme cases of acne and acne scars. It not only acts as an effective exfoliant but also penetrates the skin and reduces acne. Its antibacterial agent heals the skin and leaves beaming with a radiant glow.


The Purité Acne Dissolver Gel is infused with the advanced technology of SalSphere Severe Acne Relief which actively fights signs and extreme cases of acne. This technology delivers Salicylic Acid which effectively exfoliates and penetrates the skin, thereby instantly working on acne, fighting blemishes, and visibly reducing blackheads. With antibacterial agents present in abundance, regular usage heals and clears the skin, provides antiseptic treatment, and prevents the occurrence of future breakouts.


For various special occasions ranging from graduation day to your birthday to weddings to countless festivals, you can undeniably count on the fast effect of Purité Acne Dissolver Gel for being a powerful exfoliator. When it comes to its texture, it is a clear gel, non-sticky and non-greasy product which also gets absorbed into the skin very easily. It really provides an effective skin treatment by dissolving the acne and fighting blemishes to help you get the smooth skin you so desire. This is why it further proves to be the best gel for actively fighting acne, acne scars and dark spots.


You must have expected pimples in high school. Maybe even a few in college too. But now you’re in your mid-20s…or perhaps even your 30s. And your skin didn’t get the memo – because you’re still breaking out. So what are you going to do? Raid the drugstore for a miraculous overnight cure or be smart enough to choose the path of science?


It’s one thing to get pimples when you’re a teen. But it’s quite another when you’re well over 21! In fact, adult acne is very common and unfortunately, it’s on the rise. According to many scientific studies, more and more women have acne in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. And it doesn’t help with the confidence that goes down the drain as soon as the first red spot starts to appear on your face. Imagine joining a new office, excited about exploring new avenues, taking on new responsibilities and meeting new people; this excitement can soon turn into a horror show you want to steer clear of as you break out nearing the day of joining. And none of us want to live through that.


Teen acne and adult acne are caused by the same thing: genetics and androgen hormones. But these two types of acne manifest in different ways, although resulting in the same turmoil - facial inflammation and a blow on your confidence. But the picture isn’t all that bleak! It is entirely possible to clear your adult acne and keep your skin under control, no matter how stubborn your acne is right now. You just have to be aware that you’re genetically predisposed to acne, and that new acne will keep forming under the surface unless you stay ahead of it. So don’t beat yourself up for not washing your face ever so often if you get rigid acne. Not all of it is in your control. It can be hormonal too.


And stay ahead of it with the best acne gel there is - Purité Acne Dissolver Gel! It’s a blackhead dissolving gel and an acne scar removal gel,packed into one! Ladies, we all break out, while some have flawless skin throughout their teenage years, they later go on to develop their first pimple in their mid 20s but we all go through it. And while we all go through it, we definitely can combat it. In no way can acne crumble our confidence and put a blemish on our friday night plans or weekend getaways. With the right care, the right skincare routine and the right products for acne scars, you can combat this problem. And the best part? Purité Acne Dissolver Gel can easily sneak into your purse or even the pocket of your jeans. So no matter where life takes you, this stellar anti-spot treatment will follow you.

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