7 Easy Beauty Hacks To Make Your Skin Glow This Winter

7 Easy Beauty Hacks To Make Your Skin Glow This Winter

If you thought the hot summers cause damage to your skin, then the dry, winter months are nothing less. Say hello to the season of dry, flaky skin, cracked cuticles, and chapped lips. With the colder months approaching soon, your regular skincare routine won’t help you much in making your skin survive one of the harshest weathers. You must nourish your skin inside out and ensure that its natural glow remains intact, with the help of some quick beauty hacks and nutrient-rich products that will protect your sensitive skin. Here are some natural beauty tips for glowing skin that you could follow to shine all day long during the colder months.

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise!

It goes without saying that as the temperatures start dropping, the first casualty of the season is your skin. As the skin starts getting dry and patchy, it turns flaky and begins to crack. One of the simple makeup hacks for beginners - amp up your moisturizing game to nourish and hydrate the skin at regular intervals. Even when it comes to makeup, turn to Auric’s makeup base and foundation that not only provide good coverage but also comfort stressed skin. It’s one of the solutions to how to get glowing skin in winter!

Switch to products with Hyaluronic acid

Not just the summers, but your skin needs its regular dose of hydration in the winters too. While a major part of the Hyaluronic acid needed by you is present in your skin, but as your skin gets drier in colder months, you must stock up on products that are rich with this gel-like,

water-binding element that helps reduce skin irritation, wrinkles and quenches your thirsty skin. Auric has some of the best skincare products for the winter with hyaluronic acids. These products not only hydrate your skin and protect you from dry skin, but unleash your natural glow as well.

Avoid soaps

Cleansing your skin with soap bars does not deep cleanse your skin, but instead strips away your skin of its vital oils and hydration. Regularly using soap to wash your face or exfoliating can make sensitive skin dry up even more. Switching to solution-based cleansers and scrubs for your skincare is therefore advisable not just during winters, but for year-around skincare routine. Our favourites have always been cleansers that go easy on your skin and deep-cleanse all impurities.

Red lipstick is your bae

How to make skin glow in winter? Red lipstick. Seriously, even when you don’t have the time to spare deciding between your various shades of lipsticks, just close your eyes and go for the red one. There is no look, outfit, day or season where red colour does not blend in. In fact, if there is one thing you must carry with you in your purse at all times, it has to be that life-saving red lipstick. Check out the delicious shades of red in lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, crayons and mini lipsticks on auricbeauty. You’ll definitely find a favourite there, or might we say favourites!

Emergency makeup kit to the rescue

For the days when you are really running short on time, keep an emergency makeup kit ready with just the minimalist things you can do and walk out. While some would prefer to have a kohl, concealer and lipstick in their e-kit, for some just eye make up accessories would be sufficient. So, think about the absolute makeup accessories you need to have/apply before stepping out and keep it handy for times like cold winter mornings when you just can’t get out of bed and run late instead. Head on to Auric Beauty for the right set of tools in your e-kit from lipsticks to eye makeup to base, foundation and cream. The best part? Auric products all come with a moisturising base, hence caring for your skin whilst making it glow. So go ahead, add that in your beauty tips for dry skin.

Right foundation to overcome dullness

As your skin loses its moisture, gets flaky and dry, it starts to lose its natural glow and begins to look dull and pale. And on days when you are out all day or travelling, it is difficult to keep up with your skin-care regime and that is where picking the right foundation cream to go comes to your rescue. The Auric CoverMatte Makeup Foundation should be your go-to foundation on winter days as it not only gives a flawless finish to the skin but protects it from the harsh weather too. It is a lightweight liquid foundation that gives optimum coverage and matte finish. Enriched with Vitamin E, UVA/UvB filter and Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin protected and hydrated; it is the best option to go for, as it not only smoothens your skin but also adds moisture to it and maintains your shade all day.

The right lip-care!

One of the most troubling parts about the arrival of the winters is chapped, dry lips. The cold weather not only sucks up the moisture in your lips, but it forms cracks on the sensitive skin. To protect your luscious lips from the damage and to maintain its lovely plumpness, we suggest the Auric Mattifying Lip Liquid and the Auric MoistureLock Lipstick that both come in 8 gorgeous shades. These daily-use moisturizing lip treatment liquid lipsticks help fix the chapped lips and inject much-needed hydration with every application. The Lip Liquid further comes with high density pigments to give that impeccable colour and keeps your lips moisturised, pleasant with long lasting velvet matte finish. While the MoistureLock Lipstick is infused with Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil that nourishes and moisturizes lips while giving a rich colour payoff.

So there you go ladies! Say goodbye to hoodies and face-covering caps this winter and flaunt your beautiful, flawless skin every day, no matter how much the mercury drops.

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