Easy Ways To Make Your Makeup Last Long

Being a busy girl in a busy busy world is certainly not easy. From killing it at the office to showing up at every concert, every brunch and every event, you’re juggling it like a pro. But while you do so, don’t forget to look as gorgeous as ever with the best makeup products of all time!

7 Easy Beauty Hacks To Make Your Skin Glow This Winter

If you thought the hot summers cause damage to your skin, then the dry, winter months are nothing less. Say hello to the season of dry, flaky skin, cracked cuticles, and chapped lips. With the colder months approaching soon, your regular skincare routine won’t help you much in making your skin survive one of the harshest weathers.

Best Eye Makeup Tips To Make Your Eyes Pop

If the eyes are the window to the soul, we certainly like to choose beautiful drapes to accent the view. Bold, beautiful eye makeup can take a simple and sophisticated look and make it stand out by accenting your best features with colors and techniques tailored to your personal style and complexion.


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